The Apache Whimsy project volunteers create a number of individual Apache Whimsy tools that display and visualize various bits of data related to ASF organizations and processes. The production Whimsy server also has a number of tools that automate some organizational processes, like adding PMC members to official corporate rosters or reading, updating, and approving the monthly board agenda.

Whimsy is different than most other Apache projects in that the tools we build are customized and integrated directly into many of the corporate operations of the ASF. All of our code is Apache licensed and free, however some of the live tools run against private ASF data, so running some parts of Whimsy is only available to Committers, Members, or Officers.

Get Whimsy Code

Who We Are

The best way to see who works on Whimsy is the Whimsy roster tool!
You can also see Whimsy contributors on GitHub.
Most of the work done in Whimsy is in Ruby, JavaScript, React, and Wunderbar, running as cgis, Rack, or Sinatra applications.
Server uptime and maintenance is performed by the Whimsy PMC, not by the crack Apache Infra team.

Volunteers Wanted

The Whimsy project is always looking for new contributors. Since most of our tools are focused on Apache project and corporate operations, it helps to be a committer on some Apache project.
How To Get Involved On Whimsy!
Whimsy is a place where non-critical tools can be deployed, in an environment where the tool has access to Apache LDAP authentication as well as a variety of internal Apache data sources. It's also a place where many prototypes can be deployed quickly and easily, without affecting other Infra-SLA supported services.